Miley Cyrus – Another Victim of MK Ultra

I just saw the highlight reel of the Miley Cyrus performance from the Video Music Awards.

Whatever happened to actually entertaining people with talent? What happened is that the music industry has filled her head with marijuana so that they can reprogram her to be their MK Ultra mind control stooge, shamelessly taking her cartoonish clothes off on stage and allowing herself to be dry humped by a referee.

Follow the link and see why I no longer watch television. My favorite was the reaction from Will Smith and his family. Their jaws dropped because even some people in the entertainment industry can’t believe what they’re seeing these days. It’s really just an attempt to reprogram you to accept some new repugnant norm. Mr. Smith – Help her get rid of those thetans.

Get rid of your television and radio (and all music you currently listen to) and marijuana for a month. It’s the no TV/radio 30 day challenge. Then turn it back on (ideally without the pot) and watch it like a stranger and ask yourself if the things you’re seeing are any reflection of the actual society. Do you still like that music? Try listening to some Mozart instead. See if that sounds better now. It should. I think many of you don’t even have the balls to turn off your television. You think that you can’t live life without it. If you need something to do then go to church.

7 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Another Victim of MK Ultra”

  1. yeah the author is kind of seems like hes living a box. that wasnt marijuana that was ecstacy and or cocaine fool. And also, dont look to mr smith for help, his daughters videos use illuminati symbolism as well, my bet is he’s okay with. Besides that picture wasnt even of them looking at miley, it just got spun that way. Do your research before blogging brah

    1. Your video proves nothing. It doesn’t even say worship satan. If you where to listen further it says we should all it saetian, which is like some weird fruit. all it proves is some wackjob vegan guy who decided miley is saying go vegan. All you conspiracy/nwo/mk-ultra/other-latest-theory hacks are just plain stupid nobody is planning some secret takeover. You can take anything play it backwards and it will sound like wtvr I decide I wanu hear. Yes miley happens to be a skank but that’s all she is a poor misguided skank/slut and nothing else

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